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Plugged Sequel - “Screwed” Out May 2nd

Plugged Sequel - “Screwed” Out May 2nd
Dan McEvoy doesn't set out to get into violent confrontations with New Jersey's gangster overlords but he's long since found that once you're on their radar, there's only one way to slip off it. So he's learned his own way to fight back, aiming to outwit rather than kill unless he really has no choice. But when Dan's glam step-gran Edit shows up on the hunt for his dishevelled aunt Evelyn, it quickly becomes clear that family can provide the deadliest threat of all. In a city of gun-happy criminals, bent cops and a tough-talking woman detective whose inspires terror and lust in equal measure, Dan may just have reached the point where sharp wit won't cut the mustard. But can he play the heavies at their own game?

The eagerly awaited sequel to Eoin Colfer's noir crime book, Plugged is hitting the shelves in just over a week. Earlier in the US! Here's some good stuff people said about the first book! Please note that Screwed and Plugged are suggested for older readers.


‘his rapid-fire surreal wit is packed with off-kilter ideas, and Plugged him to head into darker territory.’ – Financial Times.

‘a knockabout farce with Elmore Leondard-style wisecracking at every turn.’
– Siobhan Murphy, Metro London

‘a gloriously ramshackle comedy crime caper.’
– Declan Burke, Irish Times

‘Colfer […] has transplanted his style seamlessly into the adult genre.’
– Peter Millar, The Times

‘Eoin Colfer always writes with wonderful spontaneity, is hugely inventive and intelligent and an instinctive storyteller, who happens to write beautifully and elegantly as well.’
– Michael Morpurgo

‘Grown-up children are very lucky to have him for this book.’
– Michael Morpurgo

‘The wit in this book is so sharp that your fingers aren’t only at risk of paper cuts.’
– Catherine Ryan Howard, Catherine, Caffeinated

‘Eoin Colfer’s Plugged is perfect noir. I love the voice. I love the dark streets. I love the story. What a terrific novel.’
– Harlan Coben

“Violent, surreal and eccentric, this offering couldn’t be further from his Artemis Fowl series.” -
The Sun

“This is Sopranos territory - where terrible deeds are mixed with the painful banalities of life in a way that brings laughter among the tears and gnaws at your heart. It's a fine debut”
- Daily Mail

“This might lead you to think you're in Elmore Leonard, Carl Hiaasen or even Damon Runyon country, but you're not. Although there are echoes of all three writers in Plugged, Colfer's novel is dominated, driven and fully animated by a refreshingly original voice”
– Washington Post


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