[Podcast] Sean Bailey at Dublin International Film Festival

Creative Catalyst: Sean Bailey in Conversation with Eoin Colfer...
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Dublin Book Festival

Writing for Young Adults and Children With Eoin Colfer, John Connolly...
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@Eoin Colfer

A lovely welcome to #fowltwins from @harpercollinsuk lots of cake NO LOLLIPOPS artemisfowl instagram.com/p/B02qMH0KhhB/…


January Book

Dear All,In the last video blog I said that the next book was out in January 2008- I should have been more specific- I meant my next book- not the next Artemis book- which I am still working on- the next book is the historic sci-fi I spoke about called Airman- no Artemis for a while. Sorry.Talk soon.Eoin.Also I am trying to learn the guitar- any hints from you nimble fingered youngsters?


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