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Some most excellent Holly Short cosplay and scene enactment from @_bellavix_ artemisfowl laramcdonnellofficial instagram.com/p/B1GRiNWCV6w/…


Eoin Colfer Recommends - 02 “Smith” by Leon Garfield

Book Recommendation #2 'Smith' by Leon Garfield
Eoin Colfer Recommends - 02 “Smith” by Leon Garfield
This is the second of my book occasional book recommendations to help people along with finding a great read.

Trying to put off going to the gym, so have found some time to procrastinate.

My recommendation this time around is 'Smith' by Leon Garfield. Exciting, well written, fantastic, engaging, funny, melodramatic. I was engrossed from beginning to end by this book, which is suitable for all ages.

Published on 27 Jan 2015


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