New Casting Call for title role in the Artemis Fowl Movie

Lucy Bevan Casting is looking for an Irish boy for the title role in...
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Dublin Book Festival

Writing for Young Adults and Children With Eoin Colfer, John Connolly...
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Great play coming to the National Opera in August.


A Day in the Life - Eoin Colfer

A Day in the Life - Eoin Colfer
Also, I'm Laureate na nOg at the moment, which is the ambassador for children's literature. My project has been this book, Once Upon a Place. I believe that Ireland is a really magical place, and most of the stories and poems in the book come from very specific places in Ireland. We gathered a roadshow of storytellers and we go to places where you wouldn't normally get a bunch of storytellers. We've been to halting sites and Tory Island and Hook Lighthouse.

Initially, I started writing for adults, but after I started to teach, I realised that I had an affinity with kids. I was able to get through to them by doing things that you're not supposed to do. I was an awfully sarcastic teacher and boys especially loved this. If you insulted them horrendously, they thought it was fantastic. The girls would be offended if I wasn't being nasty to them as well. I think in Ireland we use that sort of slagging as a type of affection.

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