Casting Call: Irish Male Actor needed to play ‘Artemis Fowl’

The team behind the adaptation of Irish author Eoin Colfer’s novel...
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Casting Call: Irish Male Actor needed to play ‘Artemis Fowl’: The team behind the…


Once Upon a Place - The Guardian

Once Upon a Place - The Guardian
In his role as Laureate na n’Óg, the Children’s Laureate of Ireland, Eoin Colfer created a national storytelling project. Once Upon a Place, a collection of stories and poems by Irish writers, is a selection of the contributions to the project beautifully illustrated by PJ Lynch. Each of the writers tells a story of a magical place although, as Colfer points out in his introduction, “magic doesn’t have to be all skeleton detectives and fairy police forces and Expecto Patronum; sometimes it can be finding a euro, or meeting a lad who is double jointed or discovering a quiet spot to read your favourite book in.”

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