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W.A.R.P. 3 – The Forever ManRiley, an orphan boy living in...
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Boucheron 2014 - Murder at the Beach

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@Eoin Colfer

And the award for best birthday card goes to @LoeweVerlag! #VictorianMan #WARP pic.twitter.com/s48qTbqiOJ


Eoin in the Dr Who Special Event

Puffin Virtually Live - Dr Who Event 2013
Eoin in the Dr Who Special Event
UPDATE: Due to copyright restrictions we cannot show the video on this site. It is however available on the Puffin Virtually Live website:

Click here to view

Puffin Virtually Live hosted a special Dr Who event this week featuring some of the 11 authors who wrote brand new stories for this year's 50th anniversary celebration. Hosted by Charlie Higson the video features contributions from Eoin Colfer, Marcus Sedgwick, Malorie Blackman, Charlie Higson and Neil Gaiman and is a "must see" for Doctor Who fans everywhere.

Eoin Colfer on his choice of Doctors

One of the fantastic weapons in the Doctor’s arsenal is his ability to regenerate, and as such means we’ve been blessed with 11 different versions of the Doctor. But for my story, I wanted to go back before regeneration, where there was just the First Doctor and Susan. I picked Number 1 – William Hartnell, because I found his personality to be very close to mine; he’s a little bit grumpy, I’m a little bit grumpy, he doesn’t really like running around and I don’t blame him! I chose William Hartnell, the slow and grumpy Doctor.

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