Eoin Colfer’s ‘Poison Pen’ Goes into Production

Principal photography has begun on a new Irish feature film titled...
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LA Times Festival of Books - Young Adult Fiction: Somewhere in Time

10:30 a.m.Young Adult Fiction: Somewhere in Time (Conversation 2091)...
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themintla.com/event.cfm?id=1… Anyone lucky enough to be in LA tonight- go and see the incredible MacNamara sisters. They are fabulous.
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Artemis Fowl : The Time Paradox (A Fan’s Review)

Charlie from Bramhall was kind enough to send us his review of The Time Paradox. As the book has not yet been released in the UK and Ireland we've just edited a little bit to make sure there are no spoilers - it makes for more fun reading this way!!! : )

For those who have already read the book you can try and work out the missing words marked ***********


Hello,My name is Charlie.

I am part of a book reviewers group based in Bramhall, UK who gets to to read proofs of books.When the Time Paradox arrived, i was ecstatic! the next book in a wonderful series, for me to read now!

i immediately started reading it and thoroughly enjoyed it. It has great twists and really mislead you when ******************. The book easily captured my attention and as i read further it got more and more interesting. At the end in the *********must have been my favourite part though, *********** having tricked ****** with... ***************! That was a very clever and unforeseen trick.

I also liked your use of ************* and current ***************. Your use of the ********************** was very interesting as that could soon become a reality.the book ended well but even so i was wanting more. Will you write more? It would be a travesty if you didnt! grin

I am sorry to say that the time Paradox has just about managed to knock Airman off my the spot of favourite book. It seems with every new release your writing gets better and better.

Please keep writing and keep doing tours.I have attached a picture of me with the book and my Desktop background i made for my computer!

Thank you so much for being the greatest Children's Author ever!

Thanks again,



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