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@JonathanAStroud @SLCL @RidleyPearson this got out of hand last time. So everyone on their best behaviour.


Artemis Fowl - Live Action Role Playing Game

Most people play their first Live Role Playing games (or LRP) when they are very young: when children play cowboys and Indians or hold teddy bears’ tea parties they are Live Role Playing in a very informal way. When we talk about LRP we are referring to much more organised and structured games but the basic idea is the same.The game or event organiser designs the background and story that will form the basis of the event. This background determines how the game will be played. It can be anything that the organiser desires: it may duplicate the reality of a story in a book or a film or may be historic or can be made up entirely by the organiser. The organiser also provides any rules or other game mechanics that will be used in the game. For long games these can be very complex but for short games these are normally very simple and easily understood.Eoin Colfer has given kind permission to allow this game to be based in the world of Artemis Fowl as portrayed in the famous series of books of that name. The players will be portraying characters from that world: faeries and criminal experts and so on but will not be portraying the actual characters from the books.Each player will be given a different bundle of specific information about their character before the game starts. As many of the players will not have picked up their bundle until just before the game, this information will be kept short. Players who have contacted the organiser before the game will have had an opportunity to get their information in advance. Some background information is common to everyone. If your specific information contradicts the general information set out here, you should go with the information specific to your character.Check the Wexworlds site for more details


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