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Poll: Should there be another Supernaturalist book?
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Leabhar - 03 August 2012 03:26 PM

I feel you there. While I’m not that popular, people call me a nerd all the time. Not my best friends, but other kids. It’s mostly because I have all A’s.(One B+ because of a dumb grading system.) It’s not like it is hard to get all A’s. People think I’m smart, but I just do what the teacher tells me, when they tell me. And I don’t just put down anything, I think about it. It’s not that hard. af-fan, if people call you a nerd, view it as a compliment. It means your smart, and your doing the right thing with your education.

In 5th grade I called someone a nerd, meaning to compliment them, but they got upset and told the teacher. I had to apologize.

haha! well i always considered being called a nerd a compliment, until everyone laughs their heads off and point fingers then for most of them, my fist is the last thing they see. Just kidding, i call them cowpogs and they’re all like: what? raspberry
i get all B’s. in this country all A’s is very difficult, the teaching here is more strict. i used to get all A’s in the U.S. i got a C once last year, but that was because it was ninth grade and a very pressuring grade, we have official exams.